As the jury deliberates, Manaforts fate seems

sealed. He has already witness tampered and

(You fuckers!)

has other Court Dates for More charges. This

shit couldn’t get more serious. And who’s the

guy claiming Manafort is also a “good person”

now?!?! That’d be felon Donny. Only the Best

people, Right?!?! As the Orange Tyrant Keeps

fighting with hero’s who Punch back, his little

window of freedom Is Shrinking quickly. This

ends So Badly For Trump/Crew & Surely they


all know It. It Explains their Erratic Behavior

NOTE: Most Intel Leaders, Are Punching Back Against
Trumps ‘Partisan Bully Tactics’ Including McRaven. So
Trump Best Take Note Here These People Aren’t At all
Fucking Around Our Country Isn’t Some Game To Play
NOTE II: SCOTUS Hearing, On Big Right Winger, Brett
Kavanaugh is Set For September 4th. BLOCK him now

Have a day!

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