Seems these days, even the Trumper’s thinkin’

of what his Impending Impeachment Would do


In usual tangerine taint fashion, he thinks that

the “Markets Would Crash”. Ahhhhh no. But all

your horrific Tax Cuts, deregulation & that little

item called the marginal propensity to consume

WILL Certainly, Do That With/Without you. See,

the economy is driven by sound policy positions

prescribed For each “Ailment”. Think of it as a $

Dr. when a body’s Stuffed too full with $ and he

Says, “What You Body Needs is More $”. That Is

Something An Economist Would Never Say. And


that’s Why Tax Cuts don’t Work. They Are A Net

negative when bringing an economy back to any

balance. It seems Trump is now firing on the AG

Sessions (Just distraction right now). It’s all just

one big smoke screen in a failed attempt for him

to Distract from the Raging Fire that Is his world

NOTE: I Have A Degree In Economics, And I Really
Hate When Folks Don’t Know Anything They Speak
About. It Wastes The Worlds Time, & Is Just Empty

Have a day!

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