As Florida ‘Picks’ a Progressive Democrat on

one side; it picks a Trumper lying Racist ass


on the other. How Bad will this Get?!?! Well

we’re not even 10 hours into the race and it

is already Racist. Make NO mistake here he

Knew EXACTLY What He Was Saying, Did It

on Purpose & Has No Remorse (only to help

justify Racists Voting for him). The “Station”

tried issuing the Old “We don’t condone any

thing he said (But we “aired” it without even

trying to stop it)but he did apologize(racists

Always “Fake” Apologize, When “Confronted”

(<-Future Gov?!?!)

with dire consequences). See, Ron knows he

can’t ever Win on the actual policy issues, so

he’s Trying this hateful Shit. Fact Is, Gillum’s

Positions, Are “Massively” More Popular Than

those of bigot toy. So that is Not gonna work

NOTE: Cop, Who ‘Murdered’ Unarmed Teen Was
Tried, Found Guilty & Sentenced To Prison. This
Is Justice. Cops, Should Not Be Murdering Some
Unarmed Teens Posing No Threat. ‘Lock’ Him Up
NOTE II: Ted Cruz Is ‘Terrified’ Trying, To ‘Bring’
Up An Old Beto O’Rourke “Band Pic” Rather Than
Debate On Policy Issues. That’s cause he Already
Lost. The Texas GOP “Stunt” Backfired, So Badly!

Have a day!

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