Trump Lost His “Pecker”…

August 24th, 2018

After Trumps melt down on FOX where he just

admitted Committing High Crimes, he just lost


his “Pecker”. Boom! Thank you and goodnight

(Think of it as the ultimate Legal Trumpy Bris)

But Seriously, the ‘Chairman’ Of AMI, And The

National Enquirer, David Pecker (Yes that’s his

fucking name) has more Criminal Actions That

Trump/Cohen Committed Together & Now has

been Granted “immunity” for his Full & Honest

cooperation Against Trump. Ooooooooooooops

Trump & Cohen would use Pecker to spike any

(Good luck!)

negative Stories (that means pay off the source

and never show It) about Trump. Ohhh Boy this

is another “Nail in The Coffin” for A Failed Fraud

NOTE: Trumps Booker Keeper, Has just Been Granted
“Immunity” (Which Means He’s Got The Goods on the
Orange Anus). This spells the end, Of Donald J. Trump
He Is Trumps “LONG TIME” Booker Keeper Which now
Says “I’ll Show You all the illegal Shit if you let me go”
Mueller DID This Case ‘Like’ A Mob Boss Case, Closing
Off Every Exit, & Ending With The Book Keeper In Tow

Have a weekend!

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