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I have intentionally Ignored Omarosa because she made her bones with this lying fraud prick (Selling Trump) She Knew Exactly WHO & WHAT He Was, and simply Profited off that her Entire Career. She fucking knew he was: A lying, immoral, Racist POS The Entire Time, & All Along Said Nothing Now, she wants to […]

Closing Non-Arguments…

August 15th, 2018

In what can only be called one of the most insane Non-defense legal moves, Manforts (So long fucker!) fate appears to be sealed. Oh and this trial is only ONE. He has Another Coming Up in September (I believe the 17th). He’s going away to Jail and Will likely Die there. Good He Violated Every […]

Manafort Trial Rests…

August 14th, 2018

The prosecution already rested yesterday And today the Defense, Without Calling a (<-Prison Bitch) single fucking witness…rested. Wow are you Kidding me?!? Did Those lawyers all actually get paid for just doing nothing?! Then again must be hard to even form a defense when you are “guilty” as all fuck In fact there really was […]

(Rolls Eyes) Yes, I’m Punny As Hell and It’s HI-larious. Yes, the Racist White Nazi party (Counter Protestors) in DC was a flop, but don’t for 1 second you thinks it is Over. The Racists in Our Country are ALL Terrified Of Publicly Being shown or Called Out Now. They’re lurking On-line And in the […]

Contempt Of Court…

August 10th, 2018

Rodger Stone’s Aid / Buddy Andrew Miller has “Refused” to Testify before the Grand <-Fucked) Jury. Hint: you can’t “refuse” a subpoena from A Grand Jury. Also, you have no 5th Amendment Rights Either. Now, They Will All Be Held In “Contempt Of Court” Which means “Jail” Until you Testify. This Is just lawyers for […]

Kansas Republican Kris Kobach’s Lead Over Kansas Republican Gov Jeff Colyer has now (We Know) “shrunk” to 91 votes triggerin’ an automatic recount. So, much, Winning! He is Trumpys guy. Forget Ohio’s 12th ‘District’ Is Also Still counting all Their Votes With Another Super close race. None of this shit means Anything unless You ALL […]

Clusterfuckers Galore!

August 8th, 2018

Trump & crew might as well open up a New Store Called “Clusterfucks Are (Yep) Us!”. Trumps Mar-a-largo cronies all get hired with ZERO experience. Yes, you read That Correctly. Pick all your “Buddies” and with no Governmental experience what-so-ever. Holy shit!!! They are simply wealthy anarchists & they want to Burn it all to […]

Things are so bad for The Orange Anus right now he is Trying to “Claim” That the Russian (Toppling) Meeting in Trump Tower Wasn’t a crime. Ah right. Um so “meeting” with a hostel Foreign Government to directly effect the Us election in 2016 isn’t a “crime”?!? Yes, yes it really is But this is […]

I’m Back Baby!

August 3rd, 2018

Sorry, was Gone for 2 days in LA pitching stuff, working on New Content and trying (<-Trump Voter) to sell an important asset. Oh and we had significant Success. That Said, back to the “Grind”. Speaking Of “Grind”, Trumps Life seems to be comin’ to a Grinding halt and it’s not Pretty. Trump Thinks, Which […]

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