Contempt Of Court…

August 10th, 2018

Rodger Stone’s Aid / Buddy Andrew Miller

has “Refused” to Testify before the Grand


Jury. Hint: you can’t “refuse” a subpoena

from A Grand Jury. Also, you have no 5th

Amendment Rights Either. Now, They Will

All Be Held In “Contempt Of Court” Which

means “Jail” Until you Testify. This Is just

lawyers for the “defense” who don’t grasp

the Specific RULES For A Grand Jury. See

they are Vastly Different than a Civil Case

Oooooooooooops. Rodger Stone is next &

(Bye, Bye!)

so on, & so on, & so on. This all Ends with

Trump & Crew Jailed In the end until they

testify. This Is not a fucking Game. Said it

here far too often. Playing “games” with A

nations National Security and Felonies Will

get you Jailed for life. Time’s Up; tick tock

Bob Mueller’s Team, Isn’t Fucking Around!

NOTE: Racist Nazi white supremacists descend
On DC With Their Hate. The Police Want To Be
“Guardians Of Democracy”. Perhaps Don’t Just
Equate Both Sides As =, And We Are ALL Good

Have a weekend!

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