I’m Back Baby!

August 3rd, 2018

Sorry, was Gone for 2 days in LA pitching

stuff, working on New Content and trying

(<-Trump Voter)

to sell an important asset. Oh and we had

significant Success. That Said, back to the

“Grind”. Speaking Of “Grind”, Trumps Life

seems to be comin’ to a Grinding halt and

it’s not Pretty. Trump Thinks, Which really

isn’t Something I Can Type with a Straight

face, he can Just “Cut a deal” with Mueller

Trump Thinks, he is “Like A Stable Genius”

He isn’t. He is “dumber” than a Box of hair


And this ends with him in jail. It’s serious

shit & Trump/Crew are Playing This All As

some “game”. It’s not and as Trump gets

more unglued by the day his “Guilt” adds

up Quickly. This Ends Them All. Tick Tock

NOTE: Lowest Of The Low Despicable Scum
Sucking shit feeder Alex Jones Tries To Sue
The Sandy Hook Victims He ‘Slandered’ And
This Will Likely Be The ‘End Of Him’, Forever
Death Threats, Stalking & More By His Sicko
“Fans” Because Of His Lies Is NOT Protected
Speech. This Is The Lowest. He Will SUFFER

Have a day!

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