Things are so bad for The Orange Anus right

now he is Trying to “Claim” That the Russian


Meeting in Trump Tower Wasn’t a crime. Ah

right. Um so “meeting” with a hostel Foreign

Government to directly effect the Us election

in 2016 isn’t a “crime”?!? Yes, yes it really is

But this is Because Trump & Crew Are Going

downfast. Gates already testified against the

Man-o-fort in Their “Trial”. He is pretty much

toast. Gates stated he Committed “crimes” &

(Cut a deal)

falsify Tax Returns. He Doctored Most All of

his Financial Statements. Going to jail & will

die there. Good; one down & about 50 to go

NOTE: Alex Jones, Is Off Most ALL Platforms And
It’s Because He ‘Violated’ the Terms & Conditions
Rules, And Guidelines. Ooooooooooooops. GOOD!

Have a day!

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