Boris ‘Sinclair’s Bitch’ Epshteyn, Has Been

“trying” to be a media figure for about 3+

(Mr Dumbass)

years running now. It’s not working out &

it’s embarrassingly hilarious. Let us forget

about The Fact Sinclair is Illegally Already

in control of too many local stations in the

market According to FCC Rules. Now they

are Cranking out Schlock shit partisan lies

Ohhhh Boy, this will come to A Head soon

Speaking Of ‘Dumbasses’, Trump’s Whore

House, I mean, WHITE House Decided, To

be as horribly fucking Petty as they are by

(Trumper tantrum)

raising the Flag from half mast (over John

McCain’s Death) To full Again. It Is Really

not A Big Deal, but Shows How ignorantly

partisanly Vile they all are. When they are

all gone/in Jail; No one Will Sing Songs or

ever remember them only as a Cautionary

tail To Tell ‘Vile Little Sociopathic Children’

NOTE: Sociopathic GOP Candidate, Kelli Ward
Is not only ghoulish It shows such Stark Hate
And Knocks Her Out Of The Entire Race. Meh,
It’s between her Arpaio & Fellow Troll McSally
It’s A Three Ring Turd Circus. Vote Them Out!

Have a day!

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