Former Secret Service & White House

Lap Dog, Anthony Oranto “Retires” in

(Jail looms)

an attempt 2 Avoid his roll on Jan 6th

it won’t Effect anything. In fact, it will

show him 2 be on the maga side if he

Refuses To Testify. While He Did Work

for 5 Presidents, He Never “Joined” A

White House staff. This is Going to so

get Bad for Tony Bologna. The DOJ is

informed on his role so watch for that

And in Other News, Voters are seeing

Irony Exploded)

TFG/Republican’s all begin their long

loud Decent into Irrelevance. As Melt

Down Loser keeps showin us that he

knows its legally all over other R’s in

power are deciding to follow him into

the trash heap of history and to that

I say, GOOD! There’s no Escape for a

Lifetime Of Supporting Him/His Hate

They “Own” Everything About Trump


& his criminal hate; they supported it

Biden will address the nation about it

NOTE: Turd Cruz, Wants To “De-fund” the IRS AND
The FBI. Epic trolling job here getting him to admit
NOTE II: Maga 2016 Co-Campaign ‘Leader’ In AL is
arrested & now Charged with Sex Abuse. Ha Ha Ha
Oh & not to be Confused with this Maga Top Staffer
guy for pedo-file stuff in soliciting a minor. Jeeeeez

Have A Day!

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