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There is No More Republican Party Anyone tellin’ you that is selling ya (Split the vote) another Big Lie. There is only GQP or Maga & the sane one’s have left long ago. It’s not just a Cult, it’s a on a Collision ‘Course’ With Reality that it’s about lose badly. See you “Yelling” insane […]

Primary Tuesday, $ Troubles…

August 16th, 2022

The Biden Boom Is Happening He hasn’t been the flashiest of (Why you vote!) Presidents. In Fact, not Really at all. In Fact, it took Him two years to also “launch” but it is Working. 4 Key Pieces Of Dire legislation. And you Can Book the Student Loan Policies Will all Be “Addressed” September Which […]

Rudy G is in such deep legal Shit right now, jail might be (“Uh, uh, uh”) the Safest Place For Him At this point. Georgia Has now Coming Calling for his head His, Stupid, Criminal, Head He Interfered In their 2020 Election. They ALL Did And nothin’ will eva change that And In other News […]

The warrant Is Released by Orange Anus because he Is, (Oooops) legally speaking, a criminal moron. And evil, Hateful & vile one. But Stupid AF. Do Not Confuse that With Him being A “Villainous Pile” Of scum. Both Can be True, & are. Legally, He/All The R’s (Undone) who Helped/Crime w/him are Not Only Going […]

Turns out the call is coming from inside the house at the (Boom!) Former Idiots home. And It couldn’t Happen to a bigger Bucket Of ‘Treasonous Slop’ FBI Knew Exactly Where To go & what to get. Ooooops Republican’s Are all ‘Ticked’ off He/they Got caught and You Know It is Almost Over When FOX […]

The 5th, The Lies, The End…

August 10th, 2022

TFG is going from bad to thrown UNDER the Jail. In fact, he Is So (Bye!) legally Undone he just Plead The 5th Non-Stop in a Civil Case and that means he’s Dead red for the Jury Later on. After The “Search” he was undone; it only get worse Legally From Here. And what Are […]

The FBI executed a Search Warrant At Mar-A-Lardo Yesterday. Ooooops (Bye!) And Republican’s Who ‘Crime’ With TFG are Losing It Hard. Welp, they should be cause They Are All going down with “It”. Mark my words the FBI was Looking For VERY Specific stuff that Is “Much More” than just The ‘Archive Docs’. Likely, “Selling” […]

The Conservative Cult Klan Rally known as CPAC was just as hate (Obviously) filled as usual. But this year they went “Even more” Nazi Over the top with Orban/Bayer/and even Posobiec. They’re all unabashed Hateful racist Fascists who have Said the Vile, Racist Shit on this Planet. Not A Political Party Any more. Just “Domestic […]

$50 Million & C-Crack…

August 5th, 2022

Jones is done. So is all the idiots who Helped/Followed/Supported (Bye!) him every step of the way. There Is no “Legal escape”. These were just TWO Families Here who cost him $50 million. Imagine All The other ‘Suits’ Going That Will END his immoral racist fat ass. Ooops And As The World Crashes Down On […]

Alex Jones is Legally Fucked In fact, he’s so screwed that (You’re F’ed!) his own lawyer accidentally ‘Handed’ A Prosecutor over 2+ years of texts; Oooops Holy Bombshell Batman, it means there’s Not only the shit That incriminates Alex In those for Perjury/Worse but stuff about Jan 6th and the Committee Already has contact with […]

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