A District Judge just told Lindsey

Graham “Either Honor the lawful

(“I called it”)

Subpoena or be held in contempt”

Pretty simple shit. He’s Supposed

to Appear This Coming Tuesday &

IF He doesn’t, likely jail. Ooooops

Again they’re all So legally fucked

Depending On ‘Which’ Republican

you’re Talking About We will have

to go To A New Jail To speak With

Them. And Now, The DOJ’s Has a

fun Legal Choice with their sealed

Affidavit to release redacted Parts

Coming Soon!)

on the judges order. Ohhhhh boy

They can ‘Show all The Dirt’, with

out showing names/sensitive shit

They, are all Super Disco screwed

NOTE: Florida Republican ‘Candidate calls’ For FBI
Agents to be “murdered”. Twitter banned him and
The entire Republican party left love em; ahem he
should be “visited / arrested” by Law Enforcement
Monday: Update On Ukraine War & Biden Winning

Have A Weekend!

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