Allan Weisselberg is “Guilty” On All

15 counts. They, are, legally, Sooo


fucked. All of them In Trampland

He Can’t take The 5th Now & will

surly Implicate Them In “Crimes”

These Days, R the Consequences

of decades of “criming”. Make no

mistake, this is just The Beginnin’

of the “Legal Downfall” which will

end Not just Em, But a Ton of R’s

at the Same Time. The legal stuff

is Flankin’ All of them from GA, 2

NYC, ‘To’ The Jan 6th Committee,

To DOJ With ALL The Receipts. It

is not Only legally dire, this is the


end Of the Line. Nowhere to Run

And they Earned all the legal hell

NOTE: Illinois Republican GOV “Candidate” Thinks
It’s a “Great idea” to publicly insult Chicago Home
Owners as “hell hole”. Sure turd, lose faster is fine

Have A Day!

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