Well well, it’s another day &

Another “Set” of Republican


Sociopaths Playing Partisan

political games with peoples

Lives. Ron DeathSantis And

Greg Abbott Think Being an

evil Asshole is so “Funny” to

them, while Harming others

& Burning Tax Payer $, With

“hate stunts”. Usin’ $12 mil

to Send Immigrants To NYC

Martha’s- Vineyard. This, IS

(Filled w/hate)

not “just politics”. This, is a

specific Attack Against a VP

& Biden cause They’re losin’

They offer no real Solutions

For ‘Boarder Security’. THEY

only seek “Hate” & “Cruelty”

against all. Time’s up for all

of these Racist Fascist fucks

Voters see ALL of this & will


hammer ALL these R’s right

outta Office. Maga is “Toast”

NOTE: The hard Railway workers, Management &
Even Biden/His Team Got A Deal done to Prevent
any public railway delays. ‘Leaders’ get shit done

Have A Day!

135 Responses to “Partisan Political Pricks & Lost…”

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    Maga R’s are just hateful evil cruel nothings. We will get VOTED OUT!

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