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Every, Single, “Republican”, In Congress just voted against all (Indeed!) woman Today. Oooooooooops This’ll Echo In History Forever And, There Is NO Escape from this hideous vote. Every single Dem ad should state it, repeat It, then say It Again. All these monsters, Have Openly shown Us Exactly Who They are. And Joe Manchin Is […]

What If I told you, yet another Republican Is Resigning From (<-Mr Creep!) Congress For ‘Sexual Criminal’ Behavior?!?! R-Tom Reed, Is A the ‘kind of creep’ we’ve come to “Commonly See” in Today’s Republican Party or what’s left of it. Not much just racist hate, Fascism, Domestics Terrorism, (Called It!) & Pro – Putin, Lunacy. […]

Well, it Turns Out Kavanaugh is personally being protested as a (We told ya!) punishment For His/Other Shit “Insane” out of Touch Barbaric ‘Views’ On Abortion. And Turns Out, it Was His Neighbors who set Up The Protest. Ooooooops Well well, The Justices Sure do love Their “privacy”; for others (“Privacy, for ME!”) Not So […]

What If I told You, a Republican rightfully Accused Of murdering (<-Killer!) his Wife, who’s In jail, “won” his Primary? WTF?! And the Reason Is NO Democrats even “ran”. He Ran, Unopposed. Local Elections ALL matter. Get ‘Involved’…..Run for these Offices at every level & (Yes) most important VOTE. We must Vote like our Lives […]

The video of Cawthorn fucking his Cousin Face is disgusting & (Busted!) that’s not the ‘Real Issue’ here It’s The Blatant Hypocrisy with his hateful views of the LBGTQ community, making all of their lives Hell, while He Is also Gay What a vile, disgustin’ immoral Bucket of Nazi shit. The GQP’ll turn on Him […]

Turns Out, ‘Republican Primaries’ are a “great example” of their failed hate (Ooooops) being placed on display for all 2 see JD Vance ‘Won’ Easily, Over Mandel Heavy Trump Influence on all These Candidates which spells doom in the General Election. Tim Ryan is Up by 1 point. That will grow as voters see He […]

While Republicans in Ohio ‘Try’ to out Crazy each other when (<-The Lunatics!) none of them win splittin’ their voters; we have somethin way more ‘Horrific’ Going on These Days. Alito’s ‘Opinion’ was just leaked On The SCOTUS for em overturning Roe V. Wade. Wtf! Make no mistake here, the gqp Is Finished over this. […]

The White House Correspondents Dinner was not only funny, it was (“Listen Jack!”) rather powerful. Trevor Noah did what great comedians always do Made ya Laugh AND Think About the importance of the Free Press The Responsibility’s Real & I also Take It Seriously. Fascism Is Evil stuff. Stay Vigilant my Good pals Speaking of […]

Well, The Biden Administration Will now just look at their Student Loan (Remember that?) forgiveness Promise They all made while Running for office. Ol’ Joey is now Coming around On it after also knowin his promise of federal loans have been made good. Not a single Dime has been asked to be paid for those […]

How many Republicans are on Putin’s Payroll FFS?!? Well We (Whoaaaa!) Can Add Rand Paul to that list now. So he decided to publicly to Side with Putin. Ooooooops Enough of this shit from these traitors. Paul tried this Lunacy: “You could also argue the countries they’ve attacked were part of Russia” No, Blinken Firmly […]

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