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Revenge Agenda, NFC & History…

November 17th, 2022

Republican’s will take the House by the Tiniest Margin, In United State History (Learned nada!) They are At 218 +- 3. Hardly a Realistic governable total. They’ve so many large “rifts”, “sects” & “crazies” to stay united That’s the problem with maga, they will gladly burn it all down; And the very 1st thing they […]

GQP Collapse & Walker Weakens…

November 16th, 2022

There is, No More National Republican Party in politics anymore. Nope, that’s (ZING!) LONG gone. What is “standing” in ‘Its’ place right now’s a fractured factioned Pile Of 4 Groups. And, it’s Unelectable Nationally. Ya got: 1) ‘Maga Trumpers’ 2) DeSantis ‘dudes’/Donors 3) Dewine Hogan Moderates & 4) Old Cheney R’s And none of them […]

Lake Sunk & Ukraine Victory…

November 15th, 2022

Katie Hobbs Is the next Governor of Arizona. And Kari “Creepy Soft (Bye Bye!) vaseline Focus” Lake; is not. And it Is the best thing for America in Every Possible Way. The Entire R Party Is ‘Dead’. Gone, done, over Finished. Kaput. ‘Voters’ Have All rejected them for Ending Roe, for Their Hate/ Extremism, For […]

Mass Shooting, GQP Implodes…

November 14th, 2022

Another day, another mass shooting Occurs. U Of Virginia Football Player (Enough!) Shoots & Kills, 3 Other Players From the team causing a 12hour lockdown It’s the Guns stupid. We know this Is a fact. IF we want to be armed let us Use Muskets Cause That’s Originalist Thoughts. Enough Of All This Lunacy Doing […]

GQP Collapse & Forever Stuck…

November 11th, 2022

Things are not only bad for the Entire GQP; They’re all Getting (Ha, BOOM!) worse By the “day”. D’s Have a path to keeping the House now And, With “Mail-In Ballots” The last to Come in, it favors them! Republican’s / The GQP will ALL Be “stuck” With Trump, Forever Veterans Day always makes me […]

Democracy is saved for now but we Still Had Way Too Many Shits (<-GQP’ers) Slide thru that really should not have. TFG Had All of his “Picks” get rolled HARD. Voters do not Want Racist Fascist lying Pricks ever Again. And, the pundits all Were WRONG. They Thought it was them that controlled things turns […]

Historic Turn Out & Denial…

November 8th, 2022

This years Midterms have already had A Historic early voter turnout And Now, Aside From D’s mail-in Ballots Coming Later; The “Youth” Vote has Exploded Past Any other Midterm. Whoa! It, is The Reason GQP’ers are all screaming election Denial So loudly. They got a math Problem No Amount of Bitchin will Ever Fix. Count […]

America has been Voting at historic numbers shattering records in early (Yes it does!) Voting. And, This isn’t any Ordinary election. Democracy itself Is on the ‘Ballot’ this Year. GQP / Republicans are In for a Rough nite & set a days “Voter Turnout” Echo’s 2020 ‘Which’ was a Presidential Election, not Mid Term. WOW! […]

36 Million & Ukraine Strong…

November 4th, 2022

Early Voter Turnout, Is ‘Exploding’ at historic levels. Over 36 million (YES!) early Votes Were All Cast with 4 days to go! It All means nothing without turning up same day as Well, Along with “Mail-In Ballots” This election must be a loud and clear Statement Treason/Violent Terrorism, Is Not allowed In This Nations Elections¬† […]

This election is the most Important election in US history. In fact every (Boom!) Election Will Be From Here On out And with Early Voter turn out goin thru the Roof At Historic Numbers GQP/2020 Election Deniers Are all Already Preppin’ For Their Defeats, they’re dialin up the Threats, hate, & Violence; the reason? They […]

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