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They Had Another CPAC over the weekend. WTF?!?! Guess (<-Nazi Terrorist) they all know the “grift’s” up Hey, Doesn’t CPAC stand for: Conspiracy pricks r criminals Yup, It Sure Does. This event used to Draw Between 10-20 K Of ‘People’. Now, It’s More like 2-5K. Ooooooooooooops And now, all That’s left is the Collection, Of: […]

We Have A “Stupid” Problem in This country right now. Some people are (Yup) willing to kill themselves instead of take a vaccine. Fair enough. If they Want To ignore Reality, It Will ‘Bite’ them so hard; they Die. Sometimes after You’re Warned Non-Stop, And You still Will Kill Yourself, Over This Stupid “Shit”. ‘Darwinism’. […]

The “horrific death toll” in Florida grows by the day. That total now (<-Heartache) stands at 60 & Growing. This is gutwrenchin’. And, there will be many People 2 Blame for these Senseless Deaths & the Owners of the units are NOT One Of em A “Libertarian” AKA a sociopath vile Immoral Monster decided 2 […]

We have a ‘stupid’ problem In America right now, and It’s so (Yup) disgusting. In their ‘Merica its Hate ‘Mixed’ With Blind Idiocy causin’ death. In Maryland all the COVID Deaths last month, 100%, are from unvaccinated morons. Expect this ‘Trend’ to continue. All too Dumb to live Mitch “Turtle Man” Mc-Liar, Is “goin thru […]

A group of Nazi Fascist Assholes walk into a Town; They are then (Racists Run) CHASED the Fuck out. That is a good Thing. And, this isn’t A 1st Amendment thing. These are all Domestic Terrorists ‘looking’ To cause The Most amount of Hate, violence & damage to society as they Can. Nope. Not In […]

Happy Friday before the 4th of July! No short wick, keep all of (So nice!) Those ‘Fingers’ Kids! It Seems Orange Things Organization Is finished forever. In fact so are everyone in it; Includin the fat thing & “its” criminal offspring Nowhere To run now except to jail. This Will keep Going On in a […]

The entire Trump Organization & CFO Allen Weisselberg, Have (Bingo!) been INDICTED! This’s just the tip Of The “Weisselberg”. ZING! You Saw what I Did there. They Are ALL, So Fucked. ’15’ Felony Counts: Grand larceny, scheme to defraud, Tax fraud, falsifying business Records, Fake tax files And Many More. This, Is Deadly serious crime/jail […]

Indictments are coming tomorrow And, There’s Nothing Orange Fuck (Ya Fucked!) or his Family can “Do” about it. In fact, Not “just” The CFO, but all of the Trumpers Are in Trouble for it Yes this is not good for them at all It’ll be a Summer/Fall of legal hell Speaking of “Hell”, most All […]

“If you build it, we have jobs” is the Old saying, Right?!?!? Ohhh (“Weed” Hole?) it’s Not?!?! That’s weird. Seems the new “infrastructure” Plan is moving along Full Steam ahead & Biden is In Wis Today/tonight to Showcase it. Voters love It & so, Obviously Republicans Hate it. No Matter, It is ‘Passing’. Oh speaking […]

After this “horrific” Miami collapse we have 10 confirmed dead n still (Ugh!) 100’s missing. This is so very sad & we must Fight tirelessly to find them all. Oh & Speakin’ of buried under a billion pounds of Cement the car maker Toyota is…..fucked Turns out, They gave over 37 big Donations, Of $50,000+ […]

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