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Remember a year ago when “Fat Guy The Science Lie” told The US to Drink (Yummy!) bleach? Yeah, we Sadly Remember It too. Thank Balls that’s Over & have a Real Person in ‘Charge’. Oh, speaking Of Limitless ‘Douche-Wagons’, Wis -R Ron “I’m clueless” Johnson Now says During A Historic Pandemic “There Is no need […]

Here’s Comes the Capital Gains Tax! Buckle up, time to pay the (No More!) piper. So, it’s not that it’s a big ‘crime’ To Make $. It is to Keep on Doing it, While paying Nada in taxes for the society you are profiting From. That Rate Is So going Up To 39.6%, From 20% […]

Derek Chauvin GUILTY On all 3 counts! Well no Shit. This is the (Bye!) 1st trial in US History where we were ALL the witnesses. Simply put, you just can’t “Defend” the indefensible. And this, was just that. While nice, this is just the beginning For Reform. The real Work Starts NOW. And so, The […]

It’s 4/20 so get yo Weed Money! Time to Light up and Lighten Up (Puff) I kid, I joke, enjoy it if youre of age/Legal. Don’t, if You are Not Oh Speaking of Fucking Morons Turd Nugent, who screamed its “A Scam”, “The CDC, Liars. The FBI, liars…….you can’t trust any of The Gumberment (Unless […]

Another Day, some more mass shootings Doing nothing seems to be Working great (No More!) “Doing nothing” isn’t an ‘option’ it’s just surrendering allowing Violence to Kill us All off. Nah, No more. Rational Gun Law reform is coming & nothin’ will be Done 2 stop it. Republican’s new motto’s just “Dragging ‘Our Heals’, As […]

Another day in ‘Merica and we Have Yet ANOTHER Shit Mass (Our Country) Shooting. Since Republicans’ll not ever do a fucking thing to stop it; Ya Vote Em all Out Of Office. We Need ‘Change’, We need actual realistic reform & we Need It Yesterday. Get rid of the Filibuster, Pass rational gun reform now. […]

COVID cases are rising at a rapid rate. Because, People are fucking (It’s True!) stupid. The pandemic is not over ya douchebags! Oh & speakin’ of ‘Bags-O-Douche’, Republican Jim “I’m A Jabbering Ass-toy” Jordan Decided to Attack Dr Fauci today because….of course he Would. It didn’t go over 2 Well. In fact the Chair and […]

It seems these days the entire Republican Party, Has more In (Vanilla ISIS!) common With Terrorists and hateful ‘Vile Criminals’. They Don’t Realize How It’s Killing their Party. Meh, So keep On Going. You, Are Almost Done Speaking Of “Done”, the War in Afghanistan Is almost ova About Time. The idea should Be, “Leave A […]

A hero who served, was laid to rest Today in The Capitol. And, (Heartache) it Matters. It ALL matters and don’t Ever Think It doesn’t. In fact, It “Matters” MORE These days than “ever” before. In all of The Tears Today, humanity came thru. We have an Actual President that cares, he gives a Shit. […]

The vaccines are working but if we all just ‘Pretend’ Shit Is now (We Know) suddenly “normal”, we will lose all the Great Progress we Made Now’s the time to End it but all Still masking, Following All The CDC ‘Guidelines & Slowing’ The “Opening” Of States Drastically And, Speaking of “Things” That are about […]

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