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Subpoenas are Out the door & anyone not abiding by em (Courts!) is Next to be Arrested. Ya’ll better get ready for lil silver ‘bracelets’ Republicans. You are ALL so Disco fucked it’s shocking. Violate The law & face the Criminal charges it is “Pretty Simple Shit” Here (Bingo!) See when you Commit acts Of […]

BS Bluffs & Gametime Baby!

October 7th, 2021

The Entire, ‘Republican Party’ is only one thing: bullshit lies (Done) They hold no policies that the voters “want”, no solutions to any real world problems, and stand firm against democracy itself. So then it’s just bullshit time. With the Debt Ceiling it is Simple: they’re all standing over Piles of Their own $ and […]

TX Shooting & Comeuppance…

October 6th, 2021

Another day….another fucking shooting in America. We have (We Know) tried nothing & we’re all outta ideas. This Nation’s Drowning in guns & We See The Effects of it Every fucking day. Doing ‘Nothing’ isn’t An option. Just enact Sensible, Rational, Gun laws in this Nation Now. Until we Do, Shit Will Just Keep on […]

NYPD Raided & Whistle Blown…

October 5th, 2021

Well, the NYPD was Just raided by The FBI Today. Oooooooops (Busted!) This is deadly serious stuff here that is targeting Corrupt cops & some Directly involved in Jan 6 events/stokin hate. This was a Local For ‘The Police Union Hall’ And The Target is President Ed Mullins. His Racial Hate is Very clear from […]

Aside from every other major platform YouTube has now banned anti-vaxx bs (Banned!) propaganda lies. GOOD; we have laws & ‘Rules’ In society about such horrific lies/propaganda. The damage they do cause to utter “Morons” is limitless, & Ruins Lives. Nope. That will not Stand And, anyone Who has A Problem With it; can go […]

And that’s all she wrote for the lying fascist racist asshole Alex (Bye bye!) Jones. He “lost” two key liable cases on Monday & finished in every Possible Way. He will go Broke, Lose it All, & Be Out Of work shortly. And he deserves every Fucking inch of this pain And His Bullshit “Infowars” […]

There will be no government shut down or Debt Ceiling default now (<-174 Terrorists) Well, at Least not until December and then Republican’s won’t do it then either. It’s an insane Bluff of lunatic Asshole levels Not knowin’ Pelosi has the Votes to pass’ it in Reconciliation, & Mitch ‘Does Not’ It’s Futile Shit. They’re […]

The ‘Entire’ Republican party in Congress today Is A failed joke (“Dumbass R’s”) In fact, They’ve now Become A Loud, Lying, Hateful, bunch of Anti-Military ‘Brats’. For Sitting R’s Berating the Military heads in a “sham” hearing. For a pile of Non-serving Assholes, They sure tried to Attack/Berate em for dirty political games & had […]

Anti-Vaxxers Fired & Hero Cop…

September 28th, 2021

Massachusetts state police has made ‘Vaccinations’ Mandatory. Good, This (Are dyin’ off) is a historically non-political event in every ‘possible way’. It is about viral science & Health. So the Media went with a headline about 100’s who will not comply. BUZZ! It was one… And to those like All 175 NC hospital workers Out […]

Gatez’s Scheme Team & Liftoff…

September 27th, 2021

What if I told you that Matt “I like to Fuck under-aged teens” (“It’s” BACK!) Gaetz knows he’s in Dire legal trouble Resulting in Jail? Well he Hired All the Lawyers for a slew of Sex/Drug Crimes from now dead Epstein to El Chapo to A “Convicted” sex trafficker Keith Raniere, Ooooooops. He (Ya fucked) […]

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