Xenophobia KO’d…

July 28th, 2014

The Anti-Immigration activists in the right wing hate chamber

(All 1 of them)

are “angry”. They decided to do a massive country wide protest

How’d that turn out? Like a tiny wet fart in clean white jockeys

Much like a NAMBLA meeting near “cops”…no one showed up

The: “National Day of Protesting Against Immigration Reform,

Amnesty & Border Surge” was supposed to be in 300 locations

The turnout against refugee children were so “bad”, that all the

counter-protesters outnumbered them all in overwhelming #’s


The Tea Party is over. It was a long time ago. They are like that

one loud drunk guy at the party who stated way too late and his

wife left 3 hours earlier tryin’ to beat him home to pack to leave

When the only solution, to fix our broken immigration problem

is “Fuck all them there illegals, deport em, & build a bigger wall”

you see these people have no solutions, just “hate”; and it’s over

Best pic that sums up this entire movement: “one man, 2 chairs”

(Weak Sauce)

And In Other News: Stephen A-Hole Smith Spews The Bullshit

Have a day!

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