Ahhhh sweet satire. It never goes away or can’t see silly

shit in society coming from miles away. So it seems the

(Well done)

Simpsons saw the “xenophobic hate” of the Republican

party today way back in 2009 in episode 441 which was

titled “Coming To Homerica”. It is all about “displaced”

Ogdenvillians immigrating into Springfield. At first, it’s

fine, then Mayor Quimby passes a big law to ban all the

Ogdenville immigrants from coming in. With only three

cops, Homer & a bunch of idiots ban together and ‘form’

a vigilante “boarder patrol” *cough* Which is EXACTLY


what the moron Tea Party idiots still left ‘standing’ have

done. The funniest part was when Homer asked the guys

to pick a name, “That evokes America’s proud history of

citizens rising up to defend our way of life”. Cletus says:

“The Klan” and “Nazi’s” which were shot down. They all

ended up with “The Star-Spangled Goofballs”. Well they

really exist today,
as I ‘posted’ it before. But us comedy

writers have always seen it throughout history. So some

shit changes & other sadly stays the same. I vote change

Have a day!

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