Lookout FaceBook, you now have “serious competition” in

ReaganBook. By “serious competition” I mean “something

(Being a punchline)

fun to laugh at forever”. See, all these “patriots” are sick of

FaceBook censoring so they’re going to go create their own

reality, where only they can censor. Cause, Facebook is run

by people who march in gay pride parades, and supposedly

censors messages from anti-gay peeps like Peter LaBarbera

So Janet Porter started ‘The ReaganBook’ as a conservative

alternative to…reality. In other words, asshole racist utopia

We have reached “critical parody mass”. Where everything

(Ha ha ha ha ha)

Republicans left standing say or do doesn’t ever need to be

changed. Quoting them directly requires no ‘punch up’ and

no extra joke setups or framing. Enjoy all the ‘comedy gold’

When You Can’t Do…Sue

Republican hate/obstructionism is the main driving force in

creating the most ineffective congress in our nations history


And believe me, this next fucktarded move won’t disappoint

The Republican controlled House, “Voted” on Wednesday, to

mount a law suit against Obama. It passed 225-201 & along

party lines. Except 5 Republican’s voted against it. Why?!?!?

It didn’t go far enough, they want to Impeach him. Why!?!?!

They don’t know or really care, just “fuck all things Obama!”

This will come back and “Bite Republicans” in the Mid-Terms

badly. That’s a great thing but this is even a new low for the


soon to be extinct party of Lincoln. They’re “suing” over the

ACA. Republican’s aren’t a viable political party anymore, it

has become a loud insane moronic terrorist group with guns

Tomorrow: Campaign Obama Isn’t The Same As DC Obama

Have a day!

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