What is it with Malaysian air travel these days?!?!?!?! Their

stock’s dropping faster than pants at a orgy. MH17 was now

(Wreckage horror)

“allegedly shot down” right out of the sky while it was flying

over Russian & the Ukraine boarder. 298 were killed. Umm

It’s not “allegedly”. It happened. It appears at first glance to

be Ukrainian Seperatists, but we will not rush to judgement

Let all the facts come in, and then we will just know for sure

But we can tell you this: Russia is now “officially” going into

Alex Jones Batshitcrazy Land by now claimin’ the flight was

“Full of corpses” when it took off from Amsterdam. WTF?!?!

(And crazy)

These clinically insane dunderfucks appear to be failing bad

See, when a kid gets busted for something they clearly did or

had a part in they fire up the Super Disco Crazy Lie Machine

where crazier & crazier shit is spewed spinning into madness

Bingo! They’re already here. The “Dog”, didn’t just eat all my

homework; it turns out he’s a big genetic mutant with a laser

bark, & can talk. But we haven’t found him yet. *Big eye roll*

This is disgusting propaganda that is literally “pissing” on all

(We know)

the deceased from this horrific violent actions. And, it makes

Russia, and the Pro-Russian Ukrainians, look monumentally

stupid and purely moronically evil. It’s like a “dumb bad guy”

Have a day!

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