Shutdown “Over”, Maybe…

January 22nd, 2018

Ohhhhh Boy, the Democrats Folded like

a Coked up Origami expert. It’s only for


3 weeks, they had to “Trust” McConnell

Which’s just Like “trusting” Lucy With A

Fucking Football if You’re Charlie Brown

The bill Would Extend Funding until Feb

8th…..then we’re right back in the same

fucking place. DACA was shelved so the

Republicans, Will Use DACA, To Execute

a more Racist hateful version since they

All Think, “Most Minority” Driven Places

(No Shit)

are all “shitholes”. So why did the dems

do this Hideous temp deal?!? Because it

Is In their Dumbass Pussy Nature. Booo

They’re “Worried” about any Vulnerable

seats In Red States. Guess What All The

fucking Republicans didn’t Care when it

Came To Doing ‘NOTHING’ Ever. Said It

before & I’ll say it Again. The Dem’s Are

simply “weak” suckers. Dreams are now

waiting Until Feb 8th to get Fucked over

(We Know)

by Racist Lying Asshole Republicans and

a Democratic Party Willing to Help Them

After one Year of Republicans controlling

all 3 Branches Of Government & We Get

Tax Cuts and a Shutdown. Bang up work

NOTE: Paul “Lying” Ryan Takes Koch Bro’s
Bribe, Of $500,000, For Passing Their TAX
CUTS. These People Are Simply Sociopaths
Until We Axe Citizens United, It Is All Legal

Have a day!

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