McCabe Attacked By Trump And…

January 29th, 2018

Steps down. These are dark, dangerous times

Do Not Worry. The law stands Squarely on the


side of Justice. See, the major difference with

Nixon, and Trump Is A ‘Grand Jury’ Is Already

Impaneled. That Was not the case with Nixon

and Mueller Has Already ‘Instructed’ Said Jury

to move forward with the charges since that’d

directly be Yet Another Obstruction Of Justice

charge. Hey, Time Keeps On Slipping slipping

slipping into The Future. Follow the odds folks


He will be out fairly soon as will Kushner and

his Creepy name sake Don Jr. Ewwwwwwww

NOTE : Another Republican “Retiring” And This
Just Means “I’m Not Getting Re-Elected” And It
Also Is Yet Another Slap 4 Republicans IN 2018
NOTE II: It Was ‘Really’, A Colorado Republican
Committing Voter Fraud & Got Probation Ooops

Have a day!

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