The “Gates” Are Open…

January 24th, 2018

Gates just Hired a lawyer Known for his

plea Deals with The Feds. Ooooooooops

(Rolling Over)

So, at 33 was a Nixon Watergate lawyer

& The Keating Five. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

No One Except Manafort, Who is Folding

faster Than Superman on laundry day is

left Standing. Sessions is looking to also

get Indicted to Roll. They’re ALL in Such

deep Shit. I’m not Officially calling It yet

but When Kushner And Don Jr. are Both

indicted, Then It IS all Over Ending With

(They ALL Are)

Trumps Demise……..and Jail. There is SO

much “singing” going on these days, it is

like a “Birdhouse” in A Retirement Home

This isn’t A Fucking Game. It’s as serious

as shit gets in this Country. IT is Treason

NOTE: Ted Cruz Only 8 Points Ahead, And
Closing VERY Fast. When Texas Flips, You
Are Seein’ A Large Tsunami Big Blue Wave
It Only Happens If You VOTE, VOTE, VOTE
NOTE II: “Deep State” For Racist Reich R’s
Simply Means. “I’m Lying. & Have Nothing
Valid To Offer So I Make Shit Up”. Ha Ha!!
NEWS: Burger King Makes This Incredible
“Marketing AD” That Changes ‘Advertising’
By Taking, A Rational, BOLD Policy Stance

Have a day!

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