This Is Solely About DACA and “Shitholes”

and CHIP. They Are Doing This To try and

(Always R’S)

get Democrats to agree with all horrifically

unjust policies they never would. This isn’t

bipartisan. It’s Solely PARTISAN & By The

Republicans. So what’s in The Budget? Oh,

a Fucking Wall, Slashes The Budget killing

Off Much Needed Programs & Bloated Tax

cuts And ‘Bloating’ The Military even more”

The Reason Repubs, Who, Have Controlled

Congress for the last 8 Years added in Chip

was to use It to blame Democrats for never


voting for it with, “You Evil Jerks hurt kids”

They Are Basically Saying, “Go vote for this

poisoned budget which has over 100 things

only WE want and piles of PORK, then you

get CHIP….or we will blame you guys”. The

reason Republicans Never “Passed” a clean

CHIP bill, was to Use it As Bait; truly a pile

of Assholes. And how Fucking Dumb is Our

(“I’m Coming!”)

Orange Anus. Fucking Way Too Stupid For

his Own Bad. This Shit is Utterly Sickening

NOTE : The Only “Fake” Awards Trump Was
Able To Do, Was An Error Message Which Is
Pretty Fucking Fitting, For His Entire ‘Career’

Have a day!

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