You will Hear lie after lie after Insane lie

tonight. There will literally be No kind of

(We Know!)

attachment to reality. None. He will lie &

make Shit Up, Flub stuff, Not Know basic

Facts/Math/Historical Realities and Smile

the “Entire” Time As Most All Republicans

lap up His Lunacy. Good! They’re now all

attached To Trump Forever. No gettin’ in

a car drivin’ away from him. Devin Nunes

is in DEEP Fucking Trouble. He is Playing

(So Long!)

partisan politics while Running this clear

interference For Trump/Crew. Oooooops

NOTE: A Blue Wave Is Slowly Becoming A
Large Tsunami. This “Republican”, Rodney
Frelinghuysen Is Stepping Down. Ooooops
It Only Happens, If You Canvas, And VOTE
NOTE II : Republican Wants To Arrest Any
Dreamers That Are Brought to the State Of
The ‘Union’. Holy Fuck!! How About We All
Arrest Any Congressmen, Who Committed
Sexual Harassment, Bribery, Corruption, &
Any Felonies. The Place’d Be A Ghost Town

Have a day!

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