Lie Machine & Attack The FBI…

January 31st, 2018

The “State Of The Union” is “Let’s all lie!”

Trump is nothin’ If not predictable and it

(The Bullshiters!)

will be his eventual undoin. And make no

mistake here. The Entire Republican idea

here is to “Attack” Both verbally & legally

the honor of the FBI. Oooooooooooooops

Republicans Are in DEEP Fucking Trouble

Almost ALL Of Them. This Isn’t Some Big

ass Game. They Are Actively Punching an

Organization, That Brings Down Criminals

This doesn’t end well for any of them and

it’s ALL Earned Comeuppance of The Best

(“Try Me!”)

caliber. Wray, the New Active Director of

of FBI after Comey was fired by Trump is

not havin’ ANY of this bullshit. None of it

The lying Nunes “Memo” Solely to attack

discredit and try to claim a “partisanship”

is being pushed back VERY hard with the

leadership sayin the memo “had material

omissions of fact that does fundamentally

impact The Memo’s Accuracy”. Wow, This

is some Sleazy, Insane, disgusting shit. It

(<-You’re all Fucked)

also tells me they are All VERY Desperate

in picking a Fight with the would be jailer

Your Time is Neigh, no where to Run now

NOTE : Another One Bites The Dust. So, Trey
Gowdy Doodie “Quit”; And, Will “Retire” From
Congress. Ohhhhh, Boy, He See’s The Writing
On The Wall, And Possible Jail Time, So “Bye!”

Have a day!

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