Likely the ONLY “truthful” thing Orange Fuck

Hole has ever stated. He also concluded that


with “I’m fucked!”. Yes, yes you are. Even a

“Redacted” pro-partisan-PR-puffpiece pile of

shit was DAMNING. William Barr today just

“ended” his Career. In a day that was really

supposed to be about Mueller/Report; it was

now about Barr playing Partisan Politics and

looking like A MAGA Hat Wearing Ridiculous

buffoon. His Circus “Act” Ended up Backfiring

at such an immeasurable Rate, he just did so

(We Know)

much More Damage than Ever Expected. It

is simply one horrible day for Trump and his

crew of criminals….with MANY more coming

Sarah ‘Suckabee’ Bullshitter, Mnuchin, Barr,

& many many More. They Will Be “Cohened”

What Mueller’s Team Said On Obstruction &

Collusion IS NOT what Barr Said. He Will Be

Censured, Found in Contempt (IF, He Does

Not produce the “full” Mueller report) & then


Impeached From Office. Trump Will likely Be

in that same Process Shortly along with a pile

of others (D Nunes, Hope Hicks, Pence, ETC.)

Barr/Trumps Lawyers Also likely Violated The

18 US Code 1512 C 2 in “obstructs, influences,

or Impedes any Official Proceedings”. Oooops

Obstruction. Check. Collusion of Some Trump

Intermediaries. Check. The “Report” said they


found evidence so legally congress can act if it

wants To. Check. We’re In The End Game Now

NOTE: Michael Cohen Says He Will “Fill” In the Mueller
Report Redactions Himself Since He Was There For em
RIP: Chet Coppeck a Chicago sports Treasure Has died
From Complications, From A Care Accident. He Was, A
Chicago ‘Sports’ Trailblazer Like No Other. Thank YOU!

Have a day!


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