Checkmate. I’m Calling the time of Death for

this Anus Orange Pile Of Shit. It’s over, done,

(<-Nick Anderson Art)

toast, finished, Foiled, Ruined, dead, broken,

destroyed, Washed-up, vanquished, doomed,

undone, cooked, kaput, sunk, wrecked, gone

He just tried 2 “sue congress” over his taxes

being released to them. Ha Ha HA HA HA HA

His Last Ditch Effort, which is Totally what an

Innocent Guy Does, (Rolls Eyes) Will ‘Simply’

be “Dismissed” Faster Than A Drunk Pantless

sailor from his “Post”. You Can’t Just go “Sue

(It’s over)

Congress” for doin their Job & gettin’ exactly

what they are LEGALLY Entitled Too. Besides

this Action, Could Also Land Him/Mnuchin in

Contempt Of Congress and NEW Obstruction

charges for Them both. The IRS has until the

23rd of April, TOMORROW, & To Produce His

Taxes. If they Don’t; Now they Get thrown in

jail For Contempt. FINE BY ME You Assholes!

He Thinks this Ends Well for Him. It does not

As he said “Nobody disobeys my orders!”. Oh

(“I’m fucked”)

for shits sake. EVERYONE has. They Have no

IDEA the Amount of ‘Legal’ Problems Coming

their Way. Mostly, cause Aside From Massive

ignorance……they haven’t Faced any real dire

legal Consequences. THAT is about to change

NOTE: HORROR IN Sri Lanka, killing Nearly 300 People
In Places of Worship and Luxury Hotels. A National Day
of mourning will take place tuesday. They have 2 dozen
Suspects In Custody, Right Now. We Will Find Out WHO
Committed These “Terrorist Acts”. This, Will Not STAND
(UPDATE: It is Now Islamic Terrorist Groups who did it)
NOTE II: Armed Racist Domestic terrorist Larry Hopkins
Was Just Arrested, For Plotting To Kill Democrats. Ohhh
My. His Little, Racist, Nazi “Border Patrol” Group Is Just
A Front For His “Far Right Wing” Trumpy Like Domestic
Terrorist Group. Lock Em ALL Up & Throw Away the key

Have a day!


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