As we already knew was coming, now Joe

Biden Is “Running” for POTUS. He is about

as “Establishment” as you get. He’ll either

have to run on progressive policies & fuck

over progressive voters once in office and

is very “likely 2 win”. Joe Right now is the

Entire Establishment “Pushing Back”, And

that means Middle of Road R Trumpers as

well (the McCains). See, they already won

with Trumps Tax Cuts, but they hate all of

his other Shit (Crimes, Lunacy, racist hate

(<-Bring It!)

& instability). But They Sure LOVED Those

Tax cuts that fucked 98% of America hard

Watch Joe closely. If He ‘Sides’ with Pelosi

Policies, It Means Centerist Establishment

hack guy with no hope & busines’ as usual

If He Offers ‘Actual’ Working “Progressive”

Ideas, Wins, AND, Very Seriously TRIES to

Implement Them, As He Is VERY ‘Capable’

Of Doing, THAT, is Great! Those Are 3 BIG

“IF” Steps, he Hasn’t Sold Me On quite yet

(Stop Hate!)

He Should have Run in 2016. Now against

Trump, if he Sticks to popular polices he’d

CRUSH the Orange one. And I mean badly

How many Democrats are in the race now?

8 billion or just 179 million I can’t member

NOTE: Murdered Illinois Boy’s “Body” Found….And The
Parents are Charged with The Crime. They Forced him
into A Cold Shower Before They Beat Him To Death. It
Should Be Said, They Should Be JAILED for the rest of
Their Lives. The Country Heart Is Broken with this evil

Have a day!


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