Yes, you read that Correctly. On Friday, Congress

will legally ensure they see the entire unredacted

(Tick tock!)

Mueller Report. No amount of Running, Hiding or

cheating will Stop this. Tomorrow Could be A Big

“Preview”, Or Just A Partisan Pile Of Barr Bullshit

intentionally trying to Redact Damning Facts and

evidence. Even with Barr putting his Fatass finger

on the Scale…this looks to be a VERY Bad Day for

for “Orange Assclown”. His Club Of Crooks are all

already “Pre-loading” PR lies To Try And ‘Combat’

it as it is Being “Released” so THAT is very Telling

Who Needs a “Counter report” if You Did Nothing

(You, liar!)

wrong?!?! The Answer, no one. Oooooooooooops

This has Nothing to do with Partisan Politics. This

is a LEGAL issue, Period. BS Will not be Tolerated

Have a day!


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