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The entire Republican today, or what’s left of these immoral lying partisan Sociopaths (We Know) is only about “Hate”. Most of the Far Right Wing “Propaganda”, is Now Echoing White Supremacist “lies” about Notre Dame’s fire They are intentionally lying Saying it was a likely a “Muslim” Act. NO, the “Cause” of it was an […]

Tax Day, Fire & Fucked…

April 15th, 2019

All over America is Tax Day Today & For one President Pile Of Shit, his Taxes will (<-Troll Booth) legally be Released. If Anyone Holds em up for Any reason, that Person(s) will be jailed for Contempt of Congress and also Obstruction legally speaking. Ooooooops Ah Congress has a legal right to them & nothing […]

Julian Assange Has Been “Hacking” into Secure systems since he was a teen. He did it to NASA (Cat shit!) in ’89, Nortel in 91 & more for the lol’s. Please don’t Pretend He’s Anything more than a Prick troll criminal Fuck Using Tech. And, he has no higher Credo/calling then simply “deciding” to release […]

Let’s get a few facts straight here before we begin. Julian Assange, Is NOT A “Journalist” (“Wait, wha?!?!”) (even though an Obama administration did decide NOT To “Prosecute” him Siting That he Was “Too” Similar To Journalistic Places even Though “Journalists” don’t HACK Into others. This was a Failure On Obama’s Part no Doubt in […]

US Treasury Pawn & 2nd rate Despicable 4 “Cartoon villain” Steve Mnuchin got His tiny (<-Mnuchin) balls FED back to him. Republicans and all Trump Team Traitors are playing with Fire here. They are Treating VERY serious legal issues as if they’re “political games”. Ahhh, No. The IRS, Mnuchin, Barr, & Anyone Else standing in […]

So Bill Barr has A BIG Problem; and it’s ALL self inflicted. The Congressional Intelligence (What happen?!?!) Committee is not “Asking” for the full report By Mueller. They Are DEMANDING It and do have EVERY Legal right to get it. If Bill Barr decides to ignore Them & Redact it for them he is now […]

Trumps Temp Agency…

April 8th, 2019

In the highest turn over Rate In Modern times by at Least 3 X’s the regular ratio (We know) two More Lackey’s Are GONE. One Is A head of “Secret Service”. Well, he’s not great keeping his firing A secret. Well it is yet another in a Revolting door of the “Only The Best People” […]

White Sox Opening Weekend!

April 5th, 2019

As Chicago Sued Jussie Smollett for wasting Our ‘Valuable Time’/Resources, And Anthony (Yes Indeed!) Weiner gets labeled a “Level 1” Sex Offender We have “Opening Day” on the South Side!!! Let’s bring the boom, Fielding, pitching & fun Sit back, “grab” a cocktail, and savor all of it! NOTE: Democrats Sue Trump Over Boarder Wall […]

Many on the Special Prosecutor team are VERY PISSED Off At lackey Partisan Turd (Yes indeed) Bob “Lowered The” Barr. I Told You who he was, why he was inserted & what this shitty weak “plan” was. Well that blewup in their facesfast. Now members of Robs Team have Stated the Evidence for Both collusion […]

Chicago, Has Elected Lori Lightfoot Mayor of Chicago. She Ran a Clean, Policy Based (Landslide!) campaign. Now, the REAL work begins as she will now face the Hardest Part…….the work of governin’ to break up the political machine of Chicago. Fix all of our pension deficits, correct the “Tax Fraud” of Joseph Barros, fix our […]

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