Tax Day, Fire & Fucked…

April 15th, 2019

All over America is Tax Day Today & For

one President Pile Of Shit, his Taxes will

(<-Troll Booth)

legally be Released. If Anyone Holds em

up for Any reason, that Person(s) will be

jailed for Contempt of Congress and also

Obstruction legally speaking. Ooooooops

Ah Congress has a legal right to them &

nothing you say/do legally Changes That

core fact. Proceed, you all get Jailed Fast

Treat dire Legal consequences as a game

& see how that “plays out”. You maroons

And sadly the Notre Dame cathedral was

(Bad Fire)

on fire burning a large Section of it down

The sheer History of that structure is one

that is remarkable and this to can/will be

rebuilt. Together we are stronger & apart

weaker. Speaking of “weak ass stank shit”

Aunt Becky & Momossa Ass Toy, are now

‘pulling’ a Trump, In Pleading “Not guilty”

now. WTF?!?!? They are caught dead red

They will/must suffer even more now b/c

they CLEARLY don’t the understand legal


consequences for their “asshole” immoral

as ALL Fuck Actions. Throw away the Key

NOTE: Nipsey Hustle (A great artist & Good community
Leader/Man) Was Murdered. And…What FOX Did About
Him, Was Not Only Racist As All Fuck, It was disgusting
Rappers Are ALL Calling For Nazi Ingraham To Be Fired

Have a day!


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