So Bill Barr has A BIG Problem; and it’s ALL

self inflicted. The Congressional Intelligence

(What happen?!?!)

Committee is not “Asking” for the full report

By Mueller. They Are DEMANDING It and do

have EVERY Legal right to get it. If Bill Barr

decides to ignore Them & Redact it for them

he is now Held in Contempt & Risks Serious

legal consequences. Just ask the Former AG

Alberto Gonzales under W. Bush, Who LIED

About Firing 26 Judges Solely For “Partisan”

reasons, allowed “Torture” (illegal under the

(Remember me?)

Geneva Convention Laws) AND, Warrantless

NSA Spying to Congress. SO, he Resigned in

disgrace. Doubt Barr Would do the Same, so

He, Will Be “Legally” REMOVED, By Congress

for his “Illegal” actions here. Oh and speakin’

of “Illegal Actions”, the IRS, or even Mnuchin

Don’t Turn Over Trumps Tax Returns, You’ve

now just broken the law. Congress has every

legal right to them. In other words they ain’t

“Asking You”. They, are TELLING You. Ignore


it at your own legal demise $ man. It’s called

the “1924 Committee Access provision”. And

it is very clear. Fuck with it & it’s Obstruction

NOTE: Full House, To The Big House! It’s About, Fucking
TIME That Wealthy, Lying, Assholes Of Any Stripe Are All
Held Legally Accountable. These Assholes Are Disgusting
NOTE II: Israel, is Having Elections Right Now & Serious
One’s At That. Netanyahu, Is A Fucking Criminal & STILL
Up For Election? Please Israel, Do Not, Elect this Monster
Again. Gantz IS The ‘New Day’. Do Not, Sit This One OUT

Have a day!


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