Julian Assange Has Been “Hacking” into Secure

systems since he was a teen. He did it to NASA

(Cat shit!)

in ’89, Nortel in 91 & more for the lol’s. Please

don’t Pretend He’s Anything more than a Prick

troll criminal Fuck Using Tech. And, he has no

higher Credo/calling then simply “deciding” to

release things Politically to Place his Finger on

The Scale/Effect Outcomes. Again, ‘this’ Never

Was A 1st Amendment issue. That’s a slippery

Slope “Fallacy”, That NO ‘Citizen’, Would EVER

allow. This is, & Always will be, Did you STEAL

or illegally obtain the stuff you Disseminated?!

(Suck it up!)

Oh & A former Obama White House Lawyer Is

INDICTED. BOOM!! Orange Anus, Is Suffering

badly From Some Cognitive Dissonance now a

days. His “witch hunt” wasn’t partisan. Ohhhh

& it also shows this shit is FAR from over folks

as more heads are rollin daily w/more to come

Legal panic will start settin in the next 2 weeks

NOTE: Hey Lorie Loughlin, nobody Gives 2 Fucks when you
Are Ready to accept Breaking the Fucking Law. Your lawyer
Should have Told You This. Jail Looms You Immoral shitbag

Have a weekend!


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