The entire Republican today, or what’s left

of these immoral lying partisan Sociopaths

(We Know)

is only about “Hate”. Most of the Far Right

Wing “Propaganda”, is Now Echoing White

Supremacist “lies” about Notre Dame’s fire

They are intentionally lying Saying it was a

likely a “Muslim” Act. NO, the “Cause” of it

was an “Accident” According to Local Paris

leaders. You knows It’s so Disgustingly vile

that even Shep Smith has to “cut off” all of

these soulless Racist lying fucks for spewin’


such hate. They Offer no Policies, no Hope,

no Solutions, And NOTHING The American

people Want. Yet, Roy “Molester” Moore Is

Running AGAIN. Hey Alabama, You’re Why

we can’t have nice things. This election will

come Down To “POLICIES” Period. It’s real

solutions to REAL “Problems”. As Racist ass

Trump keeps attacking Ilhan Omar, it is so

having The “EXACT Opposite Effect” Of His

intended hate. Time is Running Out on This

(No Shit!)

Orange Douche. He is very panicked about

the Mueller Report being Released. Oooops

NOTE: Bernie Sanders Town Hall Earthquake That Shook The
Entire World. His “Policy Positions” are “WILDLY” Popular And
They Will Get More Popular Daily. Enough To Where Brett the
Pool Boy Baier got Audience Reactions That Leave All R’s who
Are Running, in Terrible Policy Position Trouble Oooooooooops

Have a day!


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