US Treasury Pawn & 2nd rate Despicable 4

“Cartoon villain” Steve Mnuchin got His tiny


balls FED back to him. Republicans and all

Trump Team Traitors are playing with Fire

here. They are Treating VERY serious legal

issues as if they’re “political games”. Ahhh,

No. The IRS, Mnuchin, Barr, & Anyone Else

standing in the LEGAL way of congress will

face the fullest extent of the law. Also, idiot

in a Sparing Match With Maxine Waters Did

not go well at all. He thinks a gavel’s now a

(Get it?!?!)

“gravel”?!?! Ha ha ha ha. What a MAROON

Speaking of ‘Morons’, England’s Brexiteer’s

are finished. Their Movement is over and it

was the single biggest “scam” in UK history

ALL Those involved should be charged with

False Advertising/”Intentionally misleading”

campaigns & subject to the Penalties/Fines

Speaking of legal Consequences, Bill Barr’s

is DEEP ‘legal Shit’ Right Now. He Owes the

(<-Billy Barr)

Intelligence Committee a FULL Report W/O

redaction’s. If he doesn’t deliver it he’s ova

(Serious legal Obstruction/Contempt Stuff
And he knows ALL about this partisan shit)

NOTE: Israel Shits The Bed Badly, In Electing A Criminal
So Like US, SO, Like Us. And Will We Both, Move Toward
The Dictatorships they seek? Only time will tell, hope not

Have a day!


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