Many on the Special Prosecutor team are

VERY PISSED Off At lackey Partisan Turd

(Yes indeed)

Bob “Lowered The” Barr. I Told You who

he was, why he was inserted & what this

shitty weak “plan” was. Well that blewup

in their facesfast. Now members of Robs

Team have Stated the Evidence for Both

collusion & Obstruction Was Compelling

They Are Overtly Angry with Barr For his

partisan lies/ignoring the Facts. Make no

mistake folks, this is a LEGAL matter not

a “Political Partisan one”. All this While a

(Can’t Read)

loud Orange Stained Child Spews Lunacy

at levels undreamt of. It thinks windmills

have a noise that causes cancer. WTF?!?

Well, his TD dance of innocence will cost

him dearly. We Will Know all of the facts

once the “entire” Mueller Report is given

over to Congress. We All Know That The

“hold up”, is a political one. but why?!?!

The Truth will Eventually Come out folks

NOTE: Joe Biden, Clearly Has Some “Creepy Touching”
Issues. They Should Correctly be Called out but do not
Mistake The Republican Right in the Same Boat. Oh no
See, doing that’s NOT the Same as Sexual Assault And
Don’t Let Partisan Trolls, Legally Tell You Any Different
NOTE II: Herman Cane O Shame, Is Back In The News
Orange Asshole, Is Now Floating His Corrupt, Lying Ass
Around for a Fed Seat (AKA Stooge 2 ruin an economy)
He Has No Formal Training In Economics, Only To Be A
Lap Dog For the Top 1%. He is “Dangerously” Ignorant,
Immoral, And, Was A ‘Serial Sexual Harassment Fucker’

Have a day!


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