As Orange Dumpster Fire Slowly Prepares For

jail, & Muellers team just got another 50 days

(We Know)

since Rick Gates is singin like (insert any 80’s

band here); the rest of the “World” is Dealing

with a UK version of Dump with a Brexit vote

The vote did not pass. May and her hard liner

“Brexitiers” took a big Shot in the groin today

There is no “renegotiation” from the EU, they

have the position of power here. It’s like a big

loud Child Screaming “I’m leaving darn you &

you Better Pay Attention”. The Parents Are all

(Go, leave!)

saying “Do not let the Door Hit you where the

good lord split ya”. They will Either Sack their

PM (May), 2nd vote now Knowing these facts,

scrapping Brexit, or Crashing out with no deal

James O’Brien Exposes “Brexit Voters” as just

exactly Who They. A Mixture Of Trump Voters

and Libertarians. You know, Objective morons

They know they’re Mad. That’s Good. But they

don’t Know WHY They Are Mad or Whom they

should Be Mad At. And now, Turning the page

(He didn’t)

to Our Government Shut Down. Turtle Mcshit

won’t even bring a vote 2 the floor; the entire

shutdown is ‘Owned’ by Republican & Trumpy

NOTE: Steve King Wasn’t Censured, He, Wasn’t Even
Verbally Chastised To Step Down From Office. All the
Republicans Said Was “He can’t serve on committees”
That Is Like Saying, “Keep Your Job, But No Goodies!”
No Moral Statements, No Comment On Trump saying
The EXACT Same “Horrific Vile Racist” shit; NOTHING
They simply DO, NOT, Care. They Only Want Power &
VOTES. Period. Their Party Will be Buried By This Shit
NOTE II: The Bob Barr is set Rather “Low”; and in his
Confirmation Hearing Said Some Good, Some bad and
Is Still In The End, Rumpy’s Selection Which Is so bad

Have a day!

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