Let’s get a few facts straight here before we

begin. Julian Assange, Is NOT A “Journalist”

(“Wait, wha?!?!”)

(even though an Obama administration did
decide NOT To “Prosecute” him Siting That
he Was “Too” Similar To Journalistic Places
even Though “Journalists” don’t HACK Into
others. This was a Failure On Obama’s Part
no Doubt in not “Grasping” how technology
has changed the landscape of ethical issues)

He is not a Hero. He Is not being “wronged”

here, nor being incorrectly punished. No, in

fact, he is a “Hacker” who with Others Help,

conspired 2 Steal shitloads of others private

server information/Government secrets. Ya

ever Heard of the Legal Phrase “Fruit of the

Forbidden Tree”?!?! Well, Guess What?!? It

really kinda applies here. It’s a legal term in

which You Uncover Wrong Doing (Or in this


case, ILLEGALLY Searching Out, The Wrong

doing) but had No Legal Right to discover it,

since that wasn’t what your warrant or their

search was for. Apply that to Illegal hacking

and BINGO, ya get Assange. Just Reverse It

from the 4th Amendment to illegally Taking

What is NOT YOURS. It Protects Citizens, It

protects governments & it should. Now do I

think We Should Know about This Shit?!?!?!

Fuck YES!! But, do it LEGALLY. The Road Of

(Do it right)

the “Principled Traveler” is rocky, hard, and

seemingly Impossible. Yet it’s not. And even

though the Burdens Feel too “great” to bear,

the Justice Is Irrefutable & True! Do it Right

or don’t do it at all. This isn’t The Wild West

where the “rules” are for the other guy; they

are for us ALL. Oh, Speaking Of “Half Assed”

it seems Mnuchin is Digging his legal Gravel

as I type. He thinks this is some big political

game. Nope it’s as deadly serious as they all


come. Don’t “Correctly” Provide Trump Tax

returns get hit with contempt & obstruction

of Congress Charges. This Means Prison For

for the bespectacled partisan lying fraudass

NOTE: Trump Forgets He “Loves Wikileaks” And Now
Can’t Remember, With, “Uhh, I Know Nothing’ About
Wikileaks. It’s not my Thing”. He just Set a Universal
Lying Record At 18 billion. What a Filthy sack of Crap
NOTE II: Son Of Deputy, Charged with Burning Down
Black churches. White supremacist MAGA kid for sure
And The dad Must’ve known About it. No Doubt at All

Have a day!


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