Trumps Temp Agency…

April 8th, 2019

In the highest turn over Rate In Modern

times by at Least 3 X’s the regular ratio

(We know)

two More Lackey’s Are GONE. One Is A

head of “Secret Service”. Well, he’s not

great keeping his firing A secret. Well it

is yet another in a Revolting door of the

“Only The Best People” for Orange fuck

stick. And DHS Director & Immoral Ass

clown Kirstjen Nielsen was Fired as well

after clashin with the Tan Thunder Fuck

It seems likely after she was questioned

on the Hill about this reality, then seein’

(<-Racist POS)

the immoral Evil of these Unlawful acts

she Pushed Back on him. So he & all of

His RACIST fucks had her canned. And

you can bet more lunacy will happening

daily as he gets far more unhinged. The

Mueller Report is Coming out, no one is

able to stop this fact. We don’t yet know

what is IN IT But you can bet it’s a lot if


they’re all goin’ to such illegal actions to

conceal it. This isn’t over by a Long shot

NOTE: Racist MAGA Nazi, Is Charged With The
Illegal Act of “Threatening” a Sitting Congress
Person With DEATH. He Should be Charged To
The “FULLEST EXTENT” Of The Law. Since Also
He OWNS Guns To Carry Out His Threat. WTF?
NOTE II: Judge overrules Assholes evil Asylum
Policy Dealing a Major Blow to Racist Nazi shits

Have a day!


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