Chicago, Has Elected Lori Lightfoot Mayor

of Chicago. She Ran a Clean, Policy Based


campaign. Now, the REAL work begins as

she will now face the Hardest Part…….the

work of governin’ to break up the political

machine of Chicago. Fix all of our pension

deficits, correct the “Tax Fraud” of Joseph

Barros, fix our schools, ensure all the cops

training better To Work With Communities

Last Night was to Celebrate. Today, we all

gotta Get To WORK! Speaking Of “Bribery”

the chairman of the N Carolina Republican

(We Know)

party has been charged with “bribery”. Yep

par for the corrupt course. 4 lying assholes

are ALL going down for Trying to get Rid of

an “insurance Regulator” if they Paid big $

And now, The “House Judiciary Committee”

voted to authorize subpoenas for an entire

Mueller Report. Your “Move” Barr, ignore it

& You’ll Be ‘Held’, in Contempt Of Congress

Which will not only legally Decimate you, it

(Bring It!)

will End “Your Career” Maybe Ending In Jail

Oooooooooooooooooops. A New day’s Here

NOTE: “Domestic MAGA Terrorist” Ass Tries Bullshit
His Way Out Of Life Sentences with “Uh, those Pipe
Bombs Weren’t meant to Hurt anyone” Excuse. Ohh,
Sure. Like If I Murdered Someone & My Excuse Was,
“I Didn’t Mean To Kill them, I was just Trying to stop
Them From Breathing Too Much”. It’s Still, Terrorism

Have a day!


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