So a Quickly Growing choir want Impeachment

And they are ALL “Yelling” It from the Rooftops


As any rational person After the Mueller Report

knows, orange asshole broke the law. This isn’t

in Question at All. Obstruction. Aiding Russians

interfering in Our Election and MORE. Now, this

is more of a Political Question than a Legal One

(Full disclosure: knowing R’s in the Senate will
do Nothing (Unless you Pick Off the weak ones
up for re-election in 2020) about This, so likely
the House Goes It alone on this not getting the
needed votes. Then again, it puts R’s on record
fully with the criminal Trump for all opponents)

And The Deadline For Mnuchin (Who’s Not Even

the actual “authority” here, it’s Chuck Rettig) to

pass along 6 years of Trumps taxes just passed

today. That Means Contempt of Congress For A

(Pascrell Mad)

guy clearly Ignorant of the Law. It wasn’t a nice

request. It is A Legal Demand Stevey’s Clueless

about that gets him fined/thrown in jail. Ahhhhh

he is FUCKED, as is Rettig for Passing this Legal

ask along to A Person Not Authorized to Do It at

All (Mnuchin). All, While, “ANOTHER Committee”

with Cummings is now Holding exWH Personnel

Director Carl Kline In Contempt Of Congress. It

is going to “Get worse” for All of them right now

legally speaking. The WH is Obstructing again &

(Mad as hell)

this time, in plain site here tellin Kline to ignore

his Subpoena. This will lead to Jail or Worse for

these Criminal frauds. These Aren’t suggestions

by Congress. They’re Legal demands ya morons

NOTE: Republican Leaves Party, Fed Up With Trump And All
The Hateful Thing He Represents. My Guess Is You Will Have
More of These Like McKean Daily. Not because they suddenly
Found Their “Moral Compass”. Ohhhhh Fuck No. It’s Because
they see electoral demise the next 30 years so they all switch
parties. That’s the only reason right now. Oooooooooooooops
NOTE II: Avengers End Game, Best Song (no spoilers) That’ll
Make You Excited, Ready, Smile, And Maybe Your Heart Burst

Have a day!


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