In What can only be Called the biggest lay

down since a dog Licked it’s own balls Rod


Rosenstein Was Either Fired/Quit/Ran. It

clearly signifies his purpose was served &

it Doesn’t End ANY legal Problems For the

Orange assbucket. Think of this “act” as a

compromised guy sprinting from a burnin’

building; he helped all the arsonists Ignite

As Barr is Trying All His “dip, duck, dodge”

moves and Congress Isn’t having it. IF he

(“Say wha…?”)

doesn’t come on Thursday, it’s a contempt

Charge for Sure. All While Trumpy’s trying

to “Sue” Deutshe Bank And Capital One to

Try & “Block” Congressional Subpoenas. It

always looks Great when in a Panic a lying

Asshole Yells “HEY, DON’T Look There!!!!!”

It’s all over but the crying, and fall out now

Congress will get Them, You can do nothin’

Once it’s all out we can get back to real life

NOTE: An Army Veteran Who Converted To Islam Was
Accused of plotting Terrorist Attacks In California From
The New Zealand Racist Attacks. ANY Terrorism IS Evil
ALL Extremism, Is Criminal/Immoral. And Yet, Why Do
We ONLY call Islamic’s Terrorist?!? Our Greatest threat
Domestically For Terrorism is from White Supremacists

Have a day!


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