R’s “Lying”, About The Mueller Report, Won’t

win. This isn’t a political fight; it’s a legal one

(<-Partisan BS)

As Trump & His entire Crew of lying Partisan

fuckabouts, Continue their Lies, ignoring the

specific Facts In the ‘Report’ & trying bad PR

tours….Reality is catching up to them at light

speed. Congress, specifically the house wants

the Full Mueller Report; and legally Speaking

they will get it (Entitled To it). And as this Is

happening, the Final ask for Trumps Taxes is

(“Try me”)

over; so Next Move is Contempt for Mnuchin

Ooooooooooooooops. And the last Thing you

should ALL Be Aware of; there Are Still 12 of

14 Sealed Indictment referrals he sent out 2

other Courts/Prosecutors. Hence all of Those

“redactions” labeled as HOM (harms ongoing

matter). SDNY is about to make some moves

The reason Trump knew he was ‘Fucked’ was

(Sure thing)

because Mueller Made Sure the ‘Truth’ Would

come out. And After all his crimes, it surely is

Have a weekend!


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