Dumbfuck Donny Is Done…

April 24th, 2019

As his pals all decided to IGNORE Congress

the legal Problems will pile up like the trash

(Good news!)

on Homer Simpsons Lawn when He Fucked

with The “Trash Removal” Guys in Trash Of

Titans. Kline, Fucked. Mnuchin, Fucked. Oh

& Trump/Barr….super Disco fucked! Yes ya

read that right. Barr is now openly doing an

Obstruction charge. These criminal Fuckers

are all Going down. And even THEY Know it

now. Including orange Asshole who had the

mother of all Meltdowns lyin’ at a level that

was SO epic. He Knows His Taxes Tell all of

(“Stop looking!”)

his Crimes. He In DEEP Shit. Like I Already

told ya 2 days ago. He’s undone, enjoy the

next 3-5 days. The Legal Ramifications’ll be

Historically deadly. Think Tea Pot Dome X’s

3 billion. They’re Ignorant of the Law and it

will land them not only in jail but way worse

NOTE: Brothers File ‘Law Suit’ Against Lying Fraud Asshole
Jussie Smollett. It’s Gotten so bad creator Lee Daniels Says
The Cast Is Very Upset. Why Is HE Still Hired On the Show?

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