Everyone Hates Trump…

April 29th, 2019

After Another racist Nazi Trumper Shot up

a Jewish Synagogue (Murdering 1 & Left 3

(Another Horror!)

others Injured) the Entire Country Is Done

with this hate. It is Over. Today is that day

that racists Feared. No more division, & no

more Violence. Avengers Assemble. And, it

doesn’t end well for Racists. America, FOX,

Congress & now voters all hate the orange

Fuckstick. Playing “Games” with the rule of

law tends to have That Effect. Ask Mnuchin

or Kline, or Barr who are ALL About to Get

hit With Contempt Of Congress Charges. It

(We know)

seems, they Don’t serve the Laws, They All

claim they Know/Enforce. Oooooooooooops

NOTE: Oscar Winning Director John Singleton, Dies After
Massive stroke at 51. What A legendary career & sad day
NOTE II: Fire-Fighters Union “Endorses” Biden for POTUS
Which Sends Orange Asshole Into A Fit Of Lunacy. Ha ha!

Have a day!


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