The numbers, are “Growing” at EXCEPTIONAL

rates. What was just 107 Yesterday, is now at


114 & rapidly Growing. The number they will

need is 119; Meaning They’ll be the Majority

of The Majority. Ooooooooooops. This is Bad

news for Orange Racist Fuck Stick. Well, It is

about Damn Time! This overt Racist hate will

not Stand. And, as Mitchy McConnell Gives a

nice ball bath to Putin’s briny bag we will see

Some Democrats Master Debating Tonight to

see who’s POLICIES are the best for our most

(The Lady Bunch!)

Stick to the Fact, what You Will do Differently

And most important how you’re going to help

this country clean up the immoral racist mess

that was Donald Drumpf. We Will fix this, but

it will take Significant work to Heal our nation

NOTE: The Dumpster Fire That Is Boris Johnson Burns
Brightest every Day. Boy, when he finds out that math
Doesn’t Agree With Him, Wonder What He Will do then
NOTE II: Even FOX’s Chris Wallace isn’t Having, the BS
“Trumps not Racist” utter lies. Meanin that you lost fox

Have a day!


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