As the Racist Orange Asshole keeps spewing toxic

racist Hate; his close Pal Liaison who worked with


his transition team/The Saudi’s/and The Russians

just got arrested last month for childporn. Yes ya

read It right. George Nader, the Guy who Appears

at Least 100 Times In The Mueller Report Not only

had Kiddie Porn on him (And previous charges on

him since 1991)he actually trafficked a 14 yearold

fucking boy. Between Epstein, Nader, Dershowitz,

Cohen Coming back to the Hill and Finally Mueller

(Good luck!)

The Immoral Racism is one thing, legal issues are

another. This Upcoming Week is gonna kill Trump

NOTE: Dan Le Batard, Hero! Not Only Did He ‘Correctly’ Call
cowardice in not addressing immoral unacceptable racist shit
He’s now Enshrined His Voice as one for the Ages in my book

Have a weekend!


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