As the rest of rational, sane, society grasps

What Mueller ‘Factually Said’ Yesterday, we

(Just Facts)

have A Smaller Sect in R’s & FOX trying to

spin what actually happened. Ha ha ha ha!

Good luck with That. And we also have the

news Jeffery “Rapist” Epstein was found in

his cell semiconscious in the Fetal position

with marks on his Neck. Some say it might

be Self inflicted to Get A Transfer. It might

also Be Assault. ‘Monitor’ Him CLOSELY So

he can testify. This case will bring a LOT of

(“My Pal!”)

powerful people down in both parties. And

the world says, GOOD! This disgusting shit

should be in The Sunlight. Speaking of Sun

Light; Nancy Pelosi, Dragging Her Ignorant

heels on an impeachment inquiry is pissing

of a Lot of people. Both voters and insiders

alike. Start it, then Decide if you want to all

proceed once it’s going Gathering Facts and

stating Criminality, THAT’S the way to do it

NOTE: Racist Older Lady, Decided, To Call Black People
the N-Word & claim It’s due to anxiety. Ha ha ha ha ha
GTFOH! She said she’d ‘Say It’ Again. Racist pile of Shit
NOTE II: Puerto Rico PROTESTS, Rid Nation, Of Asshole
It means PEOPLE’S Voices Matter and they Always Have

Have a day!


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2 Responses to “Epstein Suicide Watch & Impeachment…”

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