The Master Debaters took the Stage last Night

to talk turkey With Policies on Medicare for all,


Taxing the wealthy, Green New Deal and more

This isn’t about “optics”, zingers, or fighting. It

IS about who Offers the BEST policy’s, Ideas &

ways under our current shit partisan system to

enact them all. That’s the Key. And in that goal

Warren did an Excellent job. So did Sanders in

sharing what his Policies are. And, we have ten

more Candidates “Debating” tonight!!! What, is

this Thunderdome Now?!?! 20 Enter, 1 Leaves?

(We Know)

Turns out, in the last 60 years, the Republican

Party has A Serious love Affair with racist hate

(Been this way Since the 60’s during Kennedy)

Having Reagan on Recording saying racist shit

is about as “shocking” as finding out your porn

star girlfriend is fucking other people. Shit, did

you know Reagan’s Stump Speech in running 4

Office Was At The Neshoba County Fair (Just 7

miles from where the Civil Rights workers were

(We remember)

murdered in cold racist Blood) giving his Racist

“Wallace-Esqe” States Rights Hate Speech. We

already Knew ALL about this Racist Shit before

Anyone ignoring it is either a liar, racist or both

Have a day!


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