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As the Fall out’ll be happenin’ over the next seasons over this hate, it had one Intention and one Only. To Distract From the Jeffery Epstein case & Trumps/Right Wingers and big Political Names Who’ll be implicated in this Horror. No. And, to Distract From one weak, Lying, Immoral hypocritical, coward Republican Party, ALL Hiding/ […]

Trump is racist. Anyone with Functioning Eyes and ears knows this. He said it his entire life & (We Know) stated that’s what he’d do as president. This is hateful, immoral, overtly racist shit. And it has no Place In our Country Anymore. And, the big reason they are Doing it; is to Try Avoiding […]

Alex Acosta is Stepping Down. Don’t Think for a second that Ends his very legal culpability in (“Let’s lie!”) this Horrific Epstein Case. He Will be In VERY deep legal trouble. And as OrangeAss flopped around the whitehouse lawn like a fatfoul fish it looked even worse then ya can imagine. So, speaking of “Getting […]

As the USA Women’s Soccer Team celebrated & made Superb political points about all of us (Congrats!) We had a Creepy as all fuck immoral little guy tryin’ to pretend he really cared about victims In what can only be called the “Hey, This Isn’t Helping You In Any Way” Press Conference by Alex Acosta; […]

In what can only be called a Miscarriage of Justice, At the “Time”, Florida US Attorney (Felon Pals) Alex That’ll Acost-ya let Jeffery Epstein off the Hook in EVERY possible Legal way. He Is SO Fucked Legally and Might be a large reason he’s Secretary of Labor for doing it Firing Him Isn’t Enough. This […]

As You Recover from America’s Birthday party, just check you got all your fingers (“Pals”) Cause hey america you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow My Mind; America. The rest of the World, Is Telling Orange Idiot he’s Done. We had Trumps Failed fizzled Dictator rally in the rain, him sayin’ that airports existed […]

This “Humanitarian Crisis”…will not end Well at all. These immoral racist monsters will all (<-Cartoonist Fired) pay for their Hate legally speakin. They are Concentration Camps /Prisons. And, “Illegal” ones At That. They Are Underfunded, Shitty, intentionally Raw/Denied basic human rights and EVERYONE “Responsible” will go down in this Immoral Fucking Mess. AOC is On […]

As Orange Fuckabout praises Dictators, cozy’s up with Putin & Ruins America Daily, With this (DICK-potatoes) reckless feckless hate. Now it’s all about north Korea. Kissing Kim Un’s Fat Ass and take your Entitled, Spoiled, & ignorantly Under Qualified Daughter 2 the G20 day. She made a massive ASS of Herself, Which she Does Daily. […]

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